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I always know that when I drop Sara off that she will be well taken care of by the teachers and staff at Precious Hearts Daycare. But the best part is knowing that they love her too. I never worry during the day, and that is a blessing for a working parent. I am grateful for each staff member and all they do to help Sara grow up confident and secure.
—Shannon Silvestri
Precious Hearts provides an excellent balance of structure and free play. Curriculum based learning is providing a strong base for my child to bring into future school years and individual attention to skill sets and abilities makes everyday fun.
—Susan Quinones
Starr has been coming here since she was a baby and I have no worries. All is good.
—Yahira Colon
I go to work knowing my little man is well taken care of by the PHD staff.
—Kimberly Esposto
Precious Hearts Daycare has been a blessing for my son and me. I know that he is loved and well taken care of on his good days and his cranky days. I am expecting my second child and feel completely confident bringing her to PHD. Thank you.
—Janice Jefferson
Gabrielle and Austin have a great time attending PHD.
—Robin Rogers
Precious Hearts Daycare has provided a wonderful experience for my children. I have seen both of my girls become a part of the PHD family and am thankful for the caregivers who provide a loving and inviting atmosphere. Each day, the children participate in many fun activities which help them discover and learn new things as well as build friendships with their classmates and staff.
—Ola Hobert
Precious Hearts Daycare has been a wonderful extension of our family. When leaving my infant son at daycare, I am assured by the competent and caring staff that his individual needs are taken care of. The daily events (such as they are) are recorded each day, so mom/dad know what kind of day he has had. Workers even send notes/pictures of some of his goings on, reassuring us that he is in good hands. We are grateful for the staff for knowing and dedicating themselves to more that just childcare; for their Christian influence in music, stories and child interactions/play and for creative events for the children. Most of all our child is happy and well-cared for each day; each of the staff has been awesome!
—Lois Koering
Precious Hearts Daycare provides individual care to all the children. The staff caters to individual needs and abilities as the children grow and develop. When I tell my friends about the activities that my infant participates in at “school” they are impressed by the level of interaction the children receive.
—Susan Anastasio-Quinones
My daughter loves going to school everyday. She has grown so much in the short time that she has been attending. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I would recommend Precious Hearts to anyone.
—Brandy Woolson
My daughter loves her new school so much that she wakes me up hours before it’s time to leave, saying, “Wake up mommy! I want to go to school.” She comes home with a new story to tell, a song to sing or a game to play. This school has really opened her up and she looks forward to going back, even on weekends!
—Melissa Webster
I have been thrilled with the care my two children have received at Precious Hearts. Between the two of them, they have been in all of the classes and they love it. They are excited to get to their class each morning and when I pick them up in the afternoon, they are always happily playing. I highly recommend Precious Hearts to any family.
—Jill Darminio